Ceàird Studio was founded in 2018 to explore form, material & process
through product creation, participatory workshops, pop up events, and playing with ideas, no matter how developed.

Glasgow based designers Andrew Tibbles and Richard Clifford explore the intersection of computational design & prototyping with familiar materials & traditional craft techniques. The pair work in 'cycles' of themes, with focusses on colour, form, senses and function forming their thought process and generation of ideas & experiments. 

 Alongside their own design journey, Ceàird Studio frequently collaborate with other designers, makers, companies and groups to deliver unique workshops, bespoke products or engaging events. 

Upcoming Workshops


Can't see a workshop in your area, but you'd like to attend one? 
We're always happy to take suggestions about where you'd like to see us deliver a workshop or be part of an event you may be organising. Contact us through our online form, and we'll do our best to build an audience for your area.

Ever wondered what we are listening to in the studio? 
Wonder no more! Here are some of our studio favourites at the moment.