What happens at our workshops?

Our workshops usually last 2 hours, in which time each participant will make 3 unique pots using our custom designed moulds and the casting material Jesmonite. Our mentors will guide you through the process to make each pot, but the colour and style of each pot is up to you. Because our wonder material cures by itself, we do not need to fire the material in order for you to take it home. Each participant will make two smaller experimental pots, and once you’ve decided on your colour & style, make one larger pot to take home too. Our price includes everything you need to make your creations, and all lots of top tips to continue using Jesmonite if you fall in love with it. (Like us!)

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Upcoming Popup Workshops

Have a look below to see our upcoming classes, but if you’d like to plan a bespoke event with us, please get in touch with us through the ‘contact us’ tab above.


The Atelier (Isle of Bute) - 27th July, 2019
25.00 35.00
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Phillies (Glasgow) - 22nd August, 2019
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